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School of the Arts

Enrichment through the Arts

Our School of the Arts was born out of a passion for all areas of the arts and a commitment to see Lamplighter students grow in all areas of their lives. Here are Lamplighter, students can be assured they will be learning from a skilled teacher who has mastered their field of study and arrived at a level of true excellence. Now those after school lessons can be part of the school day, leaving more time after school hours for family and other activities.


All prices listed are monthly. Prices vary per class or club based on the teacher, the time spent and the materials needed. 

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Arts Offerings

Advanced Singing with Ensemble

15 weeks - 1/2 credit - $80

This class is taught by Mr. Mark Goff, a world-renowned vocal coach to the stars. Students who are serious about taking their musical gift and ability to the next level, with a dream of using music in any way in their future will benefit tremendously from the experience, skill and passion Mr. Goff instills in his students. Assessment required.


15 weeks - 1/2 credit - $50

Join us as we learn to use our bodies as musical instruments and make beautiful music together! As emerging musicians, we will practice singing increasingly difficult harmonies, explore different eras and styles throughout music history, and build our knowledge of music theory and aural skills, as well as showcasing a performance at the end of the semester. Choir gives a great opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself to create something beautiful with others. There will be expectations of at-home practice at least three times per week to aid memorization as well as at-home listening assignments. 

Intermediate Drawing and Sketching {Fall Semester}

15 weeks - 1/2 credit - $50

Come learn the fundamentals of drawing, shading and sketching, from people to plein air scenes. Experiment with  the art of how to visualize the lines in any scene and put it down on paper like you see it in your mind, taking each project from basic lines to completed artworks.

Song Writing

15 weeks - 1/2 credit - $50

This songwriting class will be composed of several parts:  Analyzing genres, song structure with lyrics and music, writing individually, and writing together as a class.  What makes a great song or a hit song?  Designed for beginners to experienced songwriters, the class will be highly interactive with the opportunity to give and receive feedback.  The goal is to write and complete one individual song and one group song to be performed at the end of the semester.  Mrs. Vargas has attended several songwriting conventions in Nashville, TN, through the Gospel Music Association, produced several songs herself, and is passionate about creating space for young people to learn and grow in their musical abilities.

Masters Art {Spring Semester}

15 Weeks - 1/2 credit - $50

Students will learn the personal story of several of the Master painters through the ages (a favored time of students who have completed this course in the past), as well as paint their own masterpieces in the style of each artist with step-by-step instruction.

Music - Guitar Group Lesson

15 weeks - 1/2 credit - $65

Have you ever dreamed of playing the guitar? Whether you love music, want to play guitar for your family and friends, or desire to be a music star, this course is a great place to start. No prior music experience is needed. This guitar class provides students an opportunity to explore the fundamentals of the guitar including technique, performance, reading traditional notation and tablature, as well as understanding the musical concepts of melody, harmony, rhythm and form to develop a deeper appreciation for all styles of music and music as art.

Music - Piano Individual Lessons

15 weeks - 1/2 credit - $100

Price listed is monthly for private weekly lessons on campus. This can be taken both semesters for a full credit. The teacher can teach to your skill level, so even if you have had lessons before, you can now integrate this part of your learning into your school day. You choose whether you want to learn classical piano and note reading or learning chords and reading charts for playing in your youth or worship band at church.

Theater Club

15 weeks - 1/2 credit - $125

Have you always been interested in performing? Come brush up on your performance skills with our theater group. Whether you are completely new to the concept, or have years of experience, this group will have something for you! Students will work toward a Revue style show at the end of the semester, incorporating spoken scenes as well as musical theater style songs and dance. Join our experienced theater director and have some fun!

All prices listed are monthly, four months per semester (15 weeks). Every course includes class instruction, assignments for home days, correcting and grading completed on community days, and the amount of credit listed per course, along with community chapel which is free to all enrolled students. Please contact us at to request a family application or to speak to someone about tuition assistance through our 2:44 Partnership. Our hope is that all students who desire to grow into Christian leaders may attend our academy regardless of financial ability.

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