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Middle School Courses

A Classical Approach

Our middle school courses cover the main topics of a classical education, as well as include some courses for high school credit which are available to current eighth graders through twelfth grade. Our extra curricular art and music courses are also available for all grades in middle and high school (6-12), and take place on Thursdays. If you see a course listed here that is also on the high school page, it is the same course. Most courses are one day a week, with the exception of Math and Spanish which are better practiced daily, thus have a two-day per week class period.


All prices listed are monthly. Certain life skills courses carry such an important value to the development of a leader that we have made them required courses to attend our academy, though only one is necessary per 2 semesters. If you have already taken these courses, you may let us know. You will notice the prices of these courses are significantly reduced because the heart of Lamplighter Academy is truly to equip students with that specific valuable information for their future. All required courses are marked with an asterisk and only one is necessary per 2 semesters. We hope you will enjoy our course selection. If you are in need of a course that we are not currently offering, please contact us and we will see if we can add it to our lineup for the next school year.

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Middle School Courses

Middle School Course Options


Middle School Literature, Grammar and Composition

30 weeks - $55

This course will cover the foundational structures for both fiction and non-fiction writing, as well as the basic facts of grammar. Literature will be varied throughout the course. Students will read a selection from missionary biographies, classical literature and modern-day events. In composition, the students will learn how to effectively use a range of structural models and stylistic techniques to prepare a variety of compositions based on the coordinated reading, and as outlined by the Circe Institute.


Algebra 1

30 weeks - 1 high school credit - $70

Math utilizes an incremental approach to learning concepts, ensuring the student understands a concept fully before moving on to the next step. Daily practice and constant review of previous concepts learned are a key element of this curriculum. Practical applications of abstract concepts help students master thinking and reasoning strategies. This course meets two-days a week for extra reinforcement and guidance.


30 weeks - $65

Saxon Math, taught by a skilled teacher, including games and activities to encourage memory and mental math skills.

Middle School Math

30 weeks - $65

Saxon Math, taught by a skilled teacher, including games and activities to encourage memory and mental math skills.


Physical Science w/ Lab

30 weeks - 1 high school credit - $60

Open to Middle and High School, this engaging curriculum includes weekly experiments in relation to measurement, the earth's atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere, the weather, solar systems and galaxies, and a basic introduction to physics and chemistry.

Middle School Science

30 weeks - $50

Apologia's Exploring Physics and Chemistry is an experiment based, hands-on study of introductory chemistry and physics for middle schoolers. Students will study the basic building blocks of creation and journey through simple chemicals, laws of motion, magnetism, electricity and energy. 



30 weeks - $40

Students will study the life and ministry of Jesus through the viewing, discussion, and Bible study of the newly released series The Chosen.  Students will also gain biblical wisdom and truth while studying the book of Proverbs, and commit Scripture to their hearts and minds through memory work and interactive Bible exercises.

Logic - Your Secret Weapon to Thinking

30 weeks - $55

Want to be a conversational ninja and win every argument? Who doesn't?! Logic teaches you how to analyze statements and know for yourself whether they are actually true or not. With this skill you will be able to determine if what people are telling you is true or false as well as how to defend your own arguments in logical, truthful ways.

Mock Trial

30 weeks - $65

Have you dreamed of being an attorney? Maybe you love to work with a team to reach a goal? Are you passionate about digging in to a story and finding every last detail to help your side conquer for truth and justice? This class will have many roles to participate in as part of a trial setting. Over the course of the year, you will learn what it means to play different roles in a trial and what you are most suited for, and/or comfortable with. There are roles for every type of student (in AND out of the spotlight). You will dig into the details of a real-life story and decide which facts and evidence help the plaintiff or the defendant. You will fight for your side to be heard and perform a final trial in competition against another team, in front of a real judge. 

Spanish 1

30 weeks - 1 high school credit - $65

Middle School students are invited to learn High School Spanish in a group setting, focusing on introductory vocabulary, the basics of grammar, and having the opportunity to practice conversations in person. This course meets two days a week in order to keep accountability for daily practice and to provide the structure and availability to work toward fluency.

U.S. Ctizens: Be the Change - A Journey through Civics

30 weeks - $50

You're a citizen of the United States of America. Big deal, right? Actually...It's a very big deal! You live in a country where you have freedoms, rights and responsibilities unlike any other citizen in the world. YOU can make changes. YOU can participate. YOU have a voice! In this class we’ll not only take a look at the U.S. Government, but we’ll learn about your role within in. You can help makes laws, make decisions on court cases, bring important issues to the attention of local, state and federal governments, and, most of all, you can vote for who you want to lead. Sadly, many Americans don’t know they can help make changes, so they don’t. This class will show that being an American is something to be proud of, but it’s also an active citizenship. Get ready to be an active citizen by getting involved, informed, and inspired!

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All prices listed are monthly, four months per semester (15 weeks). Every course includes class instruction, assignments for home days, correcting and grading completed on community days, and the amount of credit listed per course, along with community chapel which is free to all enrolled students. Please contact us at to request a family application or to speak to someone about tuition assistance through our 2:44 Partnership. Our hope is that all students who desire to grow into Christian leaders may attend our academy regardless of financial ability.

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